About Us

Below you will see the courses we offer to schools, colleges, universities, businesses, families and individuals.  If you would like to know more please click on the link or email Andrew at andrewwright@aypuk.com
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Early Years

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Key Stage 2

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What our clients are saying

‘I watched one of these videos last night and wanted to tell you how helpful it has been to me and my struggling 12-year-old’.

- Parent of child at Uplands Community College
‘Another fascinating session, Andrew delivers such complex information in a way that makes it accessible for anyone to understand! I thoroughly enjoy and learn from all of his sessions!’
- Teacher - Secondary School in East Sussex
‘I have really enjoyed all of these sessions and I have found them so interesting. I often think about them in my day-to-day life and how I can use it to improve my teaching and well-being’
. - NQT
‘This is so relevant right now! It’s amazing to teach children about this as most adults are only just learning about this now. Fantastic!’

 - Parent of child at Rocks Park primary School

'It's helped me greatly to focus on improving my daily routine, understanding the science behind the impact on my body and state of mind provided the motivation I needed to kick me back into action!'
-  member of staff at international business
‘From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for all your time, effort and tools you provided my son with.  With your support I felt that I am not on my own  and that he is in very good and professional hands’.   
- parent of child having 1:1 coaching

Meet the team

Andrew Wright - CEO
Biology Teacher - 26 years
Deputy Headteacher - 24 years
BSc (Hons) in Biology
MA in Education
Head of Science
Father of 21 and 23 year old
Specialist leader in Education
Academy consultant
Studying Neuroscience and Psychology for 25 years

'My passion is to help every person to understand their amazing brain and help themselves to live a more fulfilled and happier life as a result.'
Angela Wright - Director
Maths Teacher - 24 years
Head of Maths - 15 years
BSc (Hons) in Psychology
PGCE in Maths
MSc in Educational Neuroscience
Mother of 21 and 23 year old

'I am passionate about helping students, teachers and parents to teach and learn more effectively'
Darren Warner-Swann -Consulatant
Science Teacher - 28 years
BSc (Hons) in Biology and Chemistry
Head of Science
Deputy Headteacher
Executive Deputy Headteacher
Head of School 
Member of School Improvement Teams
Education Consultant
Father of  21, 19 and 14 year old

'I have a real passion for strengenthing the connections between neuroscience and education'